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We have several styles and colours of Ukuleles priced for any budget!

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This is new section for our website!! We will be reviewing all the great gear we have here in the store. From the newest, coolest pedals/effects and amps to cool vintage guitars and amps as well. We will try to review all our gear and give you great details and insight on all our cool products!!

Want us to review something?? Send an email with details. As long as we have the product we will try to review it!!
1969 Underline Logo Fender BASSMAN Head

Our resident Bass Expert had a chance to test out and review an awesome vintage amp we have here in the store. Glen used his 1976 American made Fender P-Bass and plugged the head into an 18" EV bass cab. Here's what he had to say.

This amp and bass combo is one of the best bass tones I have ever heard.With what looks like the original Fender 6L6 power tubes and 1 new JJ Tesla 12AT7 and 3 new JJ Tesla 12AX7's this amp has pure vintage tube tone. All the original capacitors have been replaced with orange drops caps which eliminates alot of the hiss and noise and 60 cycle hum found in amps of this age. This combo has more than enough low end trump to rattle all the guitars off the shelf. Not only did it have the smooth reggae boom it could provide highs that rip your face off .  At one point during the night i was doing a bass solo where all the rest of the band drops, out my tone was so sick one of my band mates reached over and cranked the amp to 11 and told me to keep going! After about 5 minutes of killer soloing the band kicked back in and we finished the song. After the jam was over the guitar player in my band leaned over and said "That was the sickest tone I have ever heard you bust out".   Needless to say I'm very happy with the sound as a bass amp. Alot of famous Guitar players use this amp as their weapon of choice, for instance buddy guy, but i truly believe the best tones you will ever get out of this amp are through a bass.

Stay tuned more for awesome reviews to come!
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